Survey Results

Museum Box Survey Results:

The Museum Box Survey focused on the following questions:
1. Was the tutorial easy to follow?
2. Did you successfully create a Museum Box site?
3. Did you find the handout useful?
4. Do you recommend any changes?
5. Would you use Museum Box with your students?

All but question one asked the participants to explain their answers. Since Museum Box is a little more complicated, I anticipated more of a struggle with this site.

The results were as follows:
1. 90% of the participants believed the tutorial was easy to follow. The remaining 10% stated somewhat or sorta. The training helped clarify some of their points but with the multiple levels in Museum Box, some still needed one on one help. As one stated, “somewhat - I do better trying it as someone talks me through the steps bit by bit!”
2. 80% were able to complete at least a cube using the tutorial. Many wanted to explore all the features and add one of ever80% were able to complete at least a cube using the tutorial. Many wanted to explore all the features and add one of everything (link, sounds, files, etc). Since some of the extras things (files, videos) have to be added, they were frustrated until I explained during the training how those work. I had them focus only on the pictures and sounds available through Museum Bo x unless they were in the advanced group. The advanced group had no problems grasping the ideas.
3. The handout was well received. All participants liked the visuals and step-by-step layout.
4. The identified changes were discussing during the tutorial how it could be used in a classroom(did this during training but working to incorporate in the tutorial) and more of the background of the site.
5. The younger grade teachers (k/1) saw it as a tool for teachers more than students. The older grades loved the idea of using it with students. Comments were:
“Museum Box seems like a lot of fun. I am going to share Tutorial information with the students.”
“YES!!!! It is a very creative way for students to report on information they have studied.”
“This might be a fun activity to do at the end of a unit as it's fairly simple (once you have the directions down) to create a box.”
“Yes - we could do some cool activities with composers!”

Online Teacher/Student Survey results: