Through a series of activities during this Session you will:
  • Gain the learners attention and encourage them to participate in the activity and interact with the tools
  • Make the learner feel that the material is relevant to their needs and will be useful to them in the future.
  • Help build their confidence by guiding them step by step throughout the process. Lessons will be presented in small steps and be self paced.
  • Provide positive outcomes for the teachers with these Web 2.0 tools so that teachers will be excited to use them and see how useful these tools can be in their classroom .

  • For this session, please add your Museum Box rubric and/or presentation that was created by you or your students. To do this:

    • Click edit at the top right corner.
    • Scroll down to the desired section
    • Click add file, then upload your rubric.
    • Type your presentation's name, then highlight typed words, and click 'link' to create hyperlink to your Museum Box.


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Museum Box:

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