1. Session Summary
  2. What is a Rubric
  3. Rubric Generators
  4. Video Tutorial
  5. Requirements
  6. Handout

During this Session you will:
  1. Create a rubric from scratch or use an online rubric generator.
  2. Use the rubric to gauge the skills of the students on their Museum Box projects

What is a Rubric?

A rubric is a way of establishing the expectations of a project with your students. It can help clarify the assignment by giving detailed information about what should be included in the project such as material to be covered, items to be included and tasks to be completed. If the rubric is given with the assignment students have the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the criteria and the standards that are being set for the project and have a better gauge for their work.

The design and wording of your rubric will be heavily defined by what the project will be based on and the material that is to be included. Rubrics can be used for maintaining consistent grading, but can also be a useful tool for evaluation and giving feedback. This feedback can help guide students toward the completion of a quality project and can also help the teacher monitor progress.

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Online Rubric Generators:

*Both of these tools will require a login*



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RubiStar Demonstration Video

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Rubric Requirements

This rubric must contain the following categories to accurately gauge the students’ skill development of the Museum Box tool.

• Ability to add titles and description to Museum Box
• Add media to drawer
• Ability to create a cube
• Ability to add media to sides of cube
• Ability to add a title and caption to each cube.
• Ability to change the amount of cubes within a layer.
• Ability to change the number of layers in a museum box.
• Ability to change color or texture of the museum box.
• Ability to change color or texture of the cubes.

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